The Eden of Kidapawan, Lake Agco 1

Kidapawan is a prosperous city located in the Province of Cotabato, somewhere in southern Mindanao. It sits at the foot of Mt. Apo. Mt. Apo is a potentially active stratovolcano, and its foot has always been producing a lot of hot springs that attract both domestic and foreign tourists alike. Kidapawan can be reached via land trip from Davao with a distance of 110 Kilometers.

Coming to Kidapawan was a rough ride from Iligan. I think our trip had a total of 10 or more hours of a land trip. Tiring, but the people I am with are my best buds, all the laughs and jokes ignored the exhausting trip. When we reached the city, there were only few huge establishments visible on it’s skyline. We later found out that Kidapawan has a fertile land mass good for agriculture. They have spent a lot of fortune to cultivate fields into making them very suitable for crop farming. Last November, the local government was turned over an agri-tramline project worth P1.8. Million to aid the farmers in transporting their goods to the city.

However, that travel we had is not to learn about the economy of Kidapawan, but to visit the treasure, they have always been proud of. They call it the “Eden” of Kidapawan, Lake Agco. The lake is a part of the wide choices of resorts offered by Mt. Apo. From the city, we had about a 45 minute vehicle travel to Lake Agco Mountain resort.

Drawing closer and closer to the resort, a view of the beautiful forest is visible. Upon reaching the destination, I already felt that savagery and urge of the group to go out and see the rest of the resort. The complex, as a whole, is a good site for camping, hiking and all other sorts of adventures. The resort features a 25 meter outdoor swimming pool surrounded by cottages. But for me, the most remarkable part of the resort is Lake Agco itself. The lake supplies both hot and cold water for the resort.

They treat the water from harmful microorganisms before sending them in for people to bathe. The hot water supplied by the lake is so hot to such a point that it can even boil eggs. But other parts of the lake produce water which is hot enough for a refreshing mineral bath. The temperature given off by the lake itself proved to be beneficial to the surrounding flora. All in all, these are the qualities possessed by the lake Agco to being called as “Kidapawan’s hidden Eden”.