Seaside Beach Resort, Liloan Cebu 0

If you want to go swimming on a beach that is affordable and also worth swimming, then go to Liloan, Cebu. Liloan is the home of Titay’s home-baked goodies such as otap, rosquillos, barquillos and a lot more. It is also the place of pottery. Liloan is a coastal district after Consolacion and before Compostela.

The place is known to have plenty of ‘lilo’ or hurricanes that is why they called the place Liloan. But it is pretty safe now. Our family usually goes to Liloan when we want to go to the beach. It is much accessible to us as compared to Talisay. So whenever we have special gatherings, we directly go to this place.

Liloan CebuOne of the beaches in Liloan is Seaside Beach Resort. The entrance is free when you get a cottage for three hundred pesos. If not, then you have to pay thirty pesos each person. So it is much cheaper to get a cottage than to pay per person.

Together with my cousins, we go to Liloan and hire a jeepney. We don’t have our own vehicle, so we just hire a jeepney to get send us back and forth. However, sometimes, we just commute if we don’t have the budget for the whole jeepney. We pay fifteen pesos each person.

Seaside Beach Resort is just a normal resort. They have cottages, cooking place, comfort rooms and a volleyball area. The place is perfect for those who want to go swimming but couldn’t afford Plantation Bay or Tambuli. They are pretty the same kind of sea.

If you have no food with you, you can just drop by Liloan market. They have fruits, fish, pork, roasted chicken and my favorite, lechon. You could also buy sea foods such as squid if you like. There are plenty of foods to choose from. You are sure not to get hungry. There is also a fast food chain named Jollibee in case you just want to eat processed food such as burgers or French fries. It just depends on your palate on what food you want to eat. So enjoy and make the most of your swimming activity!

Image: Whologwhy