Talima Adventure and Water Park 0

Talima-lima eh-eh, Talima-lima eh eh. Welcome to Talima!

If you are in for adventure and the beach, then you should visit this place. Talima Adventure and Water Park is a tourist destination located at Brgy. Talima, Olango Island. It offers a variety of land and water activities that the whole family, barkadas and workmates could enjoy. There are water slides, water trampolines, water rollers, zipline, Zorb balls, ATV’s and mountain biking, kayaking and snorkeling activities to choose from to keep the whole day busy.

talima adventure and water park

Last month, my workmates and I went to Talima for our quarterly team building. There were about 30 of us, including our boyfriends/girlfriends. We met at the Hilton Wharf to ride a boat going to the island. You could ride any boat going to the island, but we preferred to use the banca shuttle service from the park itself. The fare for each person is one hundred (P100) back and forth. Some of my officemates were late so we just waited for them and took the 10AM shuttle ride. The first trip is at 8:30 in the morning for those who wanted to be early at the park.

I don’t know if someone is a jinx, but right in the middle of the sea, our boat’s engine stopped. We were like teasing each other that maybe one of us is a jinx since it was the second time we experienced being stranded or delayed. Gladly, our boat was fixed, and we were able to arrive on the island.

Luckily, it was a high tide when we arrived at the island. Some people say that if you go on a low tide, the Funflatables are not fun to ride if there’s just little water. It will be muddy and you can’t enjoy all the water activities. So make sure that you check your calendar before making your plans.

On the island, each person paid four hundred fifty pesos, which includes the entrance and the unlimited ride for the Funflatables. If you like other activities, they have a list of prices right in front of their entrance booth. Our team just chose the Funflatables since we also have other plans for our team building.

It was fun, fun and lots of fun for the whole day. We had games such as tug of war, pinoy henyo, charades and a lot more. We also had cheering competitions per team. It was a total bonding per se. At the end of the day, we were like looking very tired but smiling. Indeed, it was one enjoyable team outing.

Use Your Car as Collateral 0

It can be pretty difficult to get a loan these days, especially if your credit score is anything short of stellar. On the other hand, virtually everyone has a car and some companies provide them with the opportunity of borrowing money based on the value of their vehicle. The companies who are offering title loans in Florida provide their customers with the money they need, without doing any research about the credit score, which means that virtually everybody qualifies.

The system couldn’t be more straightforward, as clients only need to present their vehicle for an evaluation and they can even apply online for the loan. These speeds up the process greatly, and since there are no background checks whatsoever, the money can be transferred into their accounts in the same day. What makes such a loan extraordinary is the fact that while it is outstanding, the customer doesn’t have to pay anything but the interest.

Depending on how valuable the vehicle is, the size of the loan can be lower or higher but in an overwhelming majority of cases people are guaranteed to receive a sum of money. It doesn’t get better than this, because the one who resorts to such a service gets to keep his car and use it without any restrictions, while receiving the necessary amount as well. The contract ends when the entire amount plus the inherent interest is paid, and this depends exclusively on the customer and the resources that he can direct towards paying the debt.

Luxurious Senior Living 0

A lifetime of hard work and dedication should warrant a lavish rewards, and at least for the ones who are lucky enough to spend their retirement at Devonshire At PGA National, it does. Senior citizens are entitled to waive all of their worries away and spend some quality time among people of similar age and sharing the same hobbies. The name pretty much speaks for itself, because this exclusive resort is located inside the exclusive complex loved by golf enthusiasts nationwide.

Residents don’t have to worry a bit about maintenance as everything is taken care of, including the buildings, the premises and landscaping. Keeping the house tidy is no longer a chore, because residents also enjoy housekeeping services and have all of the utilities covered. Among the few responsibilities that they still have is paying the phone, Internet and electricity but this can be done in a couple of minutes, therefore there is no effort whatsoever.

Even those who respected a strict timetable throughout their lives, might want to enjoy some diversity and flexible hours, something that is guaranteed at Devonshire. A broad selection of meals is bound to turn any lunch and dinner into a royal treat, and keep senior citizens healthy and energized. There are very few reasons for leaving the resort, but those who have pressing matters to address outside its gates benefits of courtesy transportation including buses and cars. With old-age come health problems, but given the fact that a highly trained nursing staff works 24 hours shifts, any emergency is swiftly dealt with.

Why Use Castle Dental? 0

Guest post written by Alexandra B

Research has proven that regular visits to a dentist is not only helpful to prevent cavities and gum disease, but it can also help to prevent or detect additional health issues ranging from heart disease to oral cancers. By visiting a dentist regularly, you drastically decrease the chance of not knowing when you have a medical emergency. If you are actively seeking a new dental office to schedule your own appointment, you can do so by comparing all of the local dentists near you from home, online.
Searching online for a dentist that is right for you is possible with the assistance of Castle Dental, an online community dedicated to helping visitors locate the ideal dentist office available near you, regardless of the region you live in within the United States. With Castle Dental, you have the option of searching for dentists based on the types of services you are in need of along with the specific location you would like to find a dental office in.

Browsing for a dental office online with the help of Castle Dental is a way to compare dental offices, specific locations and maps as well as the type of services that are provided from each office based on the professionals who are available. Once you find a dentist office you are interested in, it is possible to visit the office’s official website or to use the listed contact information to compare the services, prices and insurance options before you make an appointment of your own.

Short and Long term Cost Saving 0

While they are perfectly aware of the fact that new car depreciation is a reality of life, many shoppers still have misconceptions about vehicles that were pre-owned. The reason is that they start from the false assumption that the used car is surely a damaged one, and on the long run the costs of maintenance and repair would offset the initial savings. There are of course exceptions to the rule, but those who know where to look for can find used vehicles that are in impeccable condition.

Comparing New and Used cars from local dealers is only the first step on route to long term cost saving that includes lower insurance premiums and better resell value. Even financing through the dealer is much easier for used cars, and this makes it possible to buy luxury cars that would have otherwise been unaffordable. It is the shopper’s duty to think twice and take into account the true cost of ownership, because an exquisite vehicle will prove to be expensive to maintain.

On the short run, online vendors help shoppers cut down on their expenses by offering flat discounts or a percentage of the sum paid for the new car. It is easy to see how it works and understand why checking them out before paying the car dealer a visit can translate into significant savings. They keep the online inventory up to date, so whenever a new car is out for sale, those interested in buying it will find out soon.